Atoms basketball season underway

As the winter sports season approaches fast, many athletes, including basketball players, are getting prepared.
The players have been practicing during the off season as they played in games in the spring league and AAU.

These leagues have contributed to the team’s preparation for the school league.

The varsity team is expected to perform at a high level and has impressive goals for the upcoming season.

Although the team has many returning players, the roster has many promising additions.

Freshman John Awoke, a new player, re-classed and was home schooled to focus more on his basketball skills.
Sophomore Amanuel Tucker arrived at Annandale this year from a private school in Maryland.

Tryouts for the team were held on Nov. 11 through Nov. 13.
“Tryouts went well. It was a lot of conditioning to help people get back into shape for the season,” Tucker said. “I think the season is going to go very well and we are going to win a lot of games.”

The tryouts played an important role for the team as they identify players skills and abilities.
They also help players get in shape for the season. “Tryouts were good but they were a little hard,” Awoke said. “I think this season is going to go really well because we have a good team.”

The team has high hopes for the season and has seen a large improvement from last year. The players feel they can be successful.
“Tryouts went really well. The boys worked extremely hard and I could really see their improvement since last year and I am very proud of them,” basketball coach Deidrich Gilreath said.