Man on the street, What do you think of the XFL?

Piero Vernazza-Cortez, freshman

“I think that the XFL will kind of be like the AAF, and won’t do good and maybe go bankrupt.”


Omer Mohammed, freshman
“It’s cool that there’s another professional football league and it gives other talented football players a chance to play in a high-quality football league.”


Robel Asefa, freshman
“I’m excited for the dc defend
ers and the XFL because it will be cool to see another local professional football team other than the Redskins.”


Hamza Hussein, freshman
“I think the dc defenders and the XFL won’t do very good especially since the defenders are playing at Audi Field which is a very big stadium so there probably won’t be a lot of fans.”


Karlyn Flores-Orteg, freshman
“I think the XFL won’t do good because it will always just be in the shadow of the NFL and will probably never be as popular either.”



Leuole Yared, sophomore

“I don’t the XFL will be as successful as the NFL because the NFL has all the stars unlike the other professional football leagues.”