Spring Sports begin to heat up AHS

As the temperature rises and the layers of clothes decrease, it is evident that the seasons are changing once again, not only with the weather but also with the sports here at AHS.
As winter sports are ending, it means that athletes from across the school are transitioning into a new sport and season to try and earn a spot on their desired team.
Tryouts for softball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, and soccer begin on Feb. 24.
There are plenty of options for students to choose from with this upcoming sporting season.
Many athletes won’t even start on their new sport until they’re finished with playoffs overlapping from winter.
For some athletes around the school the transition from winter sports into spring sports will be hard for them.
This could be for several reasons, some athletes, especially seniors, will just miss their winter sport as it will be their last time playing that sport in high school.
Also, that sport could be their favorite, so moving on to a separate sport that they might not like as much could be difficult.
“I’m gonna miss basketball season. I had a lot of fun and made a bunch of new friends and memories during it,” Freshman Emmanuel Adomakoh said. “I think at first it will be hard to transition to track but once the season gets started I think it’ll be fun.”
But there are other athletes who just cannot wait to get into the swing of spring sports and have been preparing for it to start.
“In order to get ready for soccer in the spring I’ve been going out to practice with a coach,”said freshman Santana Florero. “We do different sessions where we practice dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.”
One thing is for sure though, whenever a new sporting season is starting up it always brings a little excitement to the students and the school.