Singing Valentines are still a hit

Every year singing valentines have been a tradition around this time. The purpose of singing valentines is for someone to choose a specific song to be sung to their peers. Along with a song sung by students, they receive a flower and chocolates. 

“Singing valentines are really fun to do, it’s funny to see all of the different reactions people have when you sing to them. Most of the time they are pretty awkward but that just makes it more fun,” senior Tarik Darwiesh said. 

When choosing a song for your peers, there are two options. There is a premium option and a regular option. The regular option does not include a song but offers chocolate, a card, and flowers. 

“The idea of singing valentines is adorable and really thoughtful. The fact that the songs are being sung by people that attended this school is really nice to watch. I think it takes a lot of confidence to go to classes and sing in front of all your friends so I really admire everyone that sang,” freshman Ruftana Beyene said. 

The selection you can choose from are popular love songs such as Kiss me through the phone, Fly me to the moon, and I want it that way. When getting the singing valentine for someone, you’re able to choose the class they are receiving it.  

“My singing valentines did really great and they are such talented singers. Although, since they’re my friends I couldn’t stop laughing but overall it was a really nice experience,” freshman Hannah Vaughn said.