Vaccinate now

Students should take action

The vaccine has been a very prevalent topic in recent news and just a few months ago kids 12 and up have been approved to get Pfizer. FCPS has been heavily encouraging their students to get the vaccine and has even set up vaccine sites in many schools.


The goal of setting up vaccine sites within schools is to make it more accessible for students so that they’re able to go somewhere they’re familiar with. They have been very successful in vaccination rates with over 76.6% of students ages 16-17 fully vaccinated.


“The vaccine is very important because it is decreasing the number of deaths from covid and it is lessening  the number of people in the hospital,” said junior Ruftana Beyene 


The vaccine is extremely effective and important in minimizing the symptoms when contracting Covid-19, it is important to note that the vaccine does not prevent anyone from getting covid and safety precautions should still be taken when enforced. 


“I think it’s really important for students to get vaccinated especially since we’re all coming to school and participating in afterschool activities,” said junior Ellie Davis


The main factor that the vaccine is diminishing is death from Covid, it has a 88% effective rate and has dramatically decreased hospitalization rates. Although there are many new variants coming from the original strain, the vaccine has been proven to be effective against all of them. 


“I am personally fully vaccinated and it is a really important thing that everyone does the same if we want to move forward in society,” said junior Litzy Rivas 


There are three main different types of vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson. Both Modern and Pfizer are two shots and should be taken 21 days apart and Johnson and Johnson is a one-shot vaccine.