Man stabbed at Ossian

On Oct. 12, at around 3:30 p.m. an unnamed man and woman, presumed to have some sort of relationship together,  got into an argument in Ossian Hall.

 The argument began to build up tension as the unnamed women threw sticks at the man and used physical force on him. 

Another unnamed man intervened and tried to calm down the fight. It soon began to escalate as the woman stabbed the man in the chest. At around 3:34 p.m. cops and ambulances were rushed to the scene where they saw the unnamed man lying covered in blood, luckily the man was conscious, and his injuries were not life threatening

Ambulances took him to the nearest hospital where he will be treated for his injuries. A helicopter flew around Ossian Hall in search of the women who ran into the woods right after the stabbing.

Fairfax County Police Department has described the women as Hispanic, blue striped top and purple pink hair. 

Junior Abdullah Seliaman witnessed the event live. “The lady was fighting the dude and she stabbed him and ran away into the woods,” Seliman said. “I was shocked and called the cops”.