Don’t waste your money on PLNT Burger

PLNT Burger is a fast-casual restaurant that offers vegan options like Burgers and Chicken sandwiches

Since Lent started I have been craving a burger but not many restaurants that claim to have beyond burgers are truly vegan, but PLNT burger.

I get their Crispy Chik’n Sandwich meal that comes with their garlic herb fries and a drink. Their sandwich was horrible, it did not at all taste like chicken and the texture was unappealing. I was disappointed because it looked so appetizing on their menu. The fries were one of the best fries I have ever had. It’s so crispy and it had the right amount of seasoning. It came with a side of their garlic dip and it was amazing. I would come back for their fries. For a drink, I got their Strawberry rhubarb and it was okay.

My sister Got their PLNT burger and it wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be but it was way better than their chicken sandwich. The texture of the burger was like real meat which I liked. The burger patty itself wasn’t that great but all the toppings came together to make it taste a little better.

I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone because their food isn’t worth the drive up to McLean, VA. Their fries are amazing though if they had one closer I would make the drive. I give PLNT Burger an overall rating of 6/10.