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Hard to find love on The Bachelor


26 love-crazed girls fighting for a rose and the chance to win a spot in one eligible bachelor’s heart. Is six weeks enough time for one man to meet his future wife? Obviously not, considering out of 25 proposals throughout the duration of The Bachelor and Bachelorette series, only three couples have lasted. The rest of the couples have broken up within one to three months of the finale episode airing.

The popular series has run for 17 seasons now, garnering over 7 millions viewers over the 10 episode season. Fans wonder how the show continues to keep going strong with the relationships not lasting long.

“I think the show is fun to watch because of all the dates and the drama on the show,” junior Michelle Burnett said. “But I don’t think it’s realistic, because there are TV crews around them and they can be completely different off camera.”

Throughout the six weeks that the show runs, the girls live in one house, which can only mean one thing; drama. Fans seem to be more interested in the stir-crazy girls fighting over the one guy rather than the love story itself. Each episode, the Bachelor chooses two girls to go on personal dates with him.

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“They go on all these expensive dates that aren’t realistic in the real world,” Burnett said.

On some dates, the bachelor has been known to take girls to exotic places such as Puerto Rico, Prague, Croatia and South Africa. Along with the two personal dates, the bachelor will pick five to seven girls to go on a “group date.”

“I think the girls fall in love with the date they go on, not the actual person,” senior Paige Britton said.

Each Monday night at 8 p.m., the show begins on ABC. The two hour show is a bit too long for some fans. Instead, fans wish that the show would only be an hour, and the season would run longer than six weeks.

“You can’t put people together and expect them to fall in love,” senior Christina Uglietta said. “The purpose of the show is to find love, and that never happens.”

A recurring element that encourages viewers to continue watching is the bringing back of old bachelors or bachelorettes that have failed at finding love on the show the first time around. For example, Sean Lowe, the current Bachelor was just recently on the past season of The Bachelorette.

“I loved [Lowe] on Emily’s season, and that’s what has made me want to watch this season even more,” Britton said. “I was really sad when Emily didn’t choose him.” Lowe ended up making it to the top three in Emily Maynard’s season, but was sent home one episode before the finale.

Unfortunately, another downside to the show is the fact that the ending is often spoiled by websites. “Reality Steve” has already leaked the girl that Sean chooses in the end, along with spoilers to who goes home each week.

“The websites always leaks the news before the episodes, and it ruins it,” Britton said. “Someone needs to shut those sites down, because I always find out before the finale every season I’ve watched.”

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Hard to find love on The Bachelor