Bates Motel Season Finale Review

Bates Motel Season Finale Review

Bates Motel is a thriller series about a teenage boy named Norman who runs a hotel with his mother after escaping the “accidental” death of Norman’s father. Norman suffers from hysteria and bipolar disorder. Throughout this roller coaster of the season, the secrets of the supposed ‘small town’ Norman lives in began to unravel.


From police corruption to illegal Chinese prostitution, Norman and his mother are intertwined in the secrets that bring them to the face of death and back. Along with the realistic and rugged setting, the characters feel very different and relatable.


One of the characters named Emma, was by far one of the most relatable and enjoyable characters to watch. Her innocence, as well as her strong principles, make me envy her strength to overcome her lung disease and constant heart break. I found it difficult to hold back tears as Norman continued to stare at his ex-lover while Emma was desperately trying to hold on to his attention at the winter dance.

Contrasting to Emma’s sweet and realistic personality though is Norman’s mother Norma. Norma’s clinging behavior and sporadic anger towards her son drove me up a wall. It took a whole season to figure out her bipolar character and truly understand her inner demons.

Norma’s struggle to take care of her sons and gain control is always on the edge. She is even forced to have an affair with the sheriff in order to cover up for a murder and rape that she failed to report in order to save her son and her motel business. Her mental and physical capacity is constantly challenged throughout the season. Actress Vera Famiga was the perfect choice for this character; beautiful, seductive, yet angry and confused.

As much as I desperately prayed for a normal television show, the series Bates Motel shattered my hopes, ending on an unusual cliffhanger. I was shocked by the sight of Miss Watson, Norman’s teacher, lying on the ground, wearing lingerie in a pool of her own blood with a seven-inch slit across her neck.

I should have suspected that a show that constantly left me with so many questions would leave me breathless and wanting more. But this finale had an unexpected ending to a shockingly addicting season.

Even though most of my dire questions were answered in the finale, two new questions arose. Who will be charged with the murder Miss Watson? Was Miss Watson the one who had an affair with Bradley’s father? The most difficult challenge of the second season will be besting the killer, murderous and psychotic first season.