Victorious comes on Netflix

Victorious comes on Netflix

Many students grew up watching Nickelodeon with shows like ICarly, Zoey 101, and Drake and Josh. Now, Netflix has started putting shows like Victorious and Sam and Cat for all Netflix users. A lot of Netflix users are ecstatic about the move. Much of the spotlight has been on Victorious because it was a big hit when it first came out.

The show is based in a school called Hollywood Arts High. The main character is Tory Vega and she got in the school by singing and wowing the principle with her voice. Throughout the show, Tory and her friends Beck, Jade, Cat, Robbi, Andre, Trina, and teacher Sikowitz all go to school together and solve problems that occur within the school. 

“I’m really happy they put Victorious on Netflix because I grew up with that show  so it brings back a lot of nostalgia” freshman Hannah Vaughn said 

The show started in 2010 and has been a hit ever since. It has racked up over ten million views in the past couple of years. 

There have been guest appearances as well on Victorious with celebrities like Drake Bell, Nathan Kress, and Jennette McCurdy. These celebrities have been on past Nickelodeon shows like Drake and Josh and ICarly

“I’m really glad they put the show on Netflix because now I have a show to binge watch and it used to be my favorite show growing up” freshman Ruftana Beyene

Many teens are able to relate to the show since they’re in high school and the show is based in a high school. They also deal with relatable problems like broken friendships, break ups, and bad grades. 

But will the re release of tv-shows save Netflix from the already-released Disney+? Many say they think that Netflix will never die out but kids-at-heart have already been raving about the release of Disney+. Most will think it will die out or think it will stand beside Disney+. But, it is certain that starting to release childhood shows for users is a step in the right direction.