New “Mandalorian” Season 2 trailer excites students

Mandalorian was an instant fan favorite when it was released in late 2019 leaving fans of the show wanting more. Recently, Lucasfilm has confirmed that a season 2 is happening, and here is everything you need to know about the highly anticipated sophomore season set to release exclusively on Disney+ on Oct. 30.

 Despite the ongoing public health crisis, the Star Wars TV show created by Jon Favreau finished filming before everything shut down earlier this year. Early last week Lucasfilm dropped the trailer and it doesn’t tell us much about the story or where their journey across the galaxy will take them but it does tell us that this set of episodes will be about the search for Baby Yoda’s home planet and to deliver him to the Jedi.

“I am really excited for the new season,” said sophomore Marcelo Pozo. ”Once the whole corona virus outbreak took over, I wasn’t expecting for the second season of the Mandalorian, or any show as a matter of fact, to come out any time soon because they would have had to shut down filming. So when I heard that the second season is a go and that it’s coming out later this month I was thrilled.”

This season fans are expecting to learn a great deal more about the fan favorite Baby Yoda. According to the trailer the Mandalorian’s job is to try and find the Jedi so he can deliver Baby Yoda to them as told. Ever since finding him he has not let him out of his sight no matter who steps in his way. 

“I’m ready to learn more about Baby Yoda and where he came from,” said sophomore Omer Mohammed. “I’ve seen the trailer and it mentions finding his home planet so I’m excited to see where he actually came from. Also, I’ve heard that there might be more characters from the actual Star Wars movies making appearances this season so I’m excited for that as well.”

The day to the release date is only getting closer leaving fans counting the days till October 30. The second season is appearing to be a smash hit just like the first.