Fall Treats: Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee


Jane Elkins, Staff Writer

Looking for a local place with great donuts and coffee? Well, look no further, the Sugar Shack is a great option for those who want delectable fall treats and drinks.

The Sugar Shack is a Richmond-based donut shop that makes scrumptious homemade donuts with very unique flavors. Locations have spread all over Virginia, Maryland and DC and now have many different locations with over 300 flavors of donuts. The shops in Alexandria and Arlington are the closest to AHS, located within a short ten-minute drive.
The Sugar Shack has a wide variety of very interesting donuts to choose from at different prices. One donut starts at $2 and a dozen donuts start at $20.

They have more expensive donuts called specialty donuts which are seasonal. Every October to November, the “Speciality Donuts” they offer include fall flavors like Pumpkin Cheesecake and Pumpkin Spice Latte. By the end of October they have spooky Halloween specials called “Monsters.”
Each season or month, the featured donuts change. Coming this December Sugar Shack will begin selling winter themed donuts. In previous years, they have had winter donuts like the Cinnamon Apple Cake. They do, of course, still have their classic donuts like the House Glaze and Cinnamon Sugar. Although their donuts are a little more pricey, the wide array of tasty flavors are worth it.

Not only does Sugar Shack have very tasty seasonal donuts, but the hundreds of other flavors they have are popular too. Want bacon, fruit loops or gummy worms on your donuts? How about Harry Potter themed donut? All of those unusual donut themes and many more are periodically served at the Sugar Shack.

Aside from donuts, they offer coffee, specialty lattes, drinks, pastries and breakfast sandwiches. A favorite for many is the “Luther Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich” for a very reasonable price of $3.90.

Another incentive for people to go to the Sugar Shack is their vegan options. All of their classic flavors and a couple other specialty donuts are vegan. Classic flavors like the Cinnamon Sugar, as well as the specialty donuts, Pumpkin cream filled and apple fritters, are their most popular vegan options. Most donuts are not healthy, but the donuts at the Sugar Shack come very close.

Even with their delicious food, the scenery and atmosphere of the shop is very inviting.

Their donuts have intricate designs with sprinkles and frosting. It is easy to see that each donut is handmade and decorated elegantly.
So, if you are looking for decorated and delicious fall-flavored donuts and coffee, the Sugar Shack is a place you should go to.