Atoms defeat Lee on Senior Night


Judith Cruz

Senior football players and cheerleaders stand with their parents in celebration of their high school sports career.

With 56 seconds on the clock senior Jack Johnson breaks the tie between Lee HS; making the score 28 to 21. As the clock begins to run fans in the stands and players in the sidelines cheer and rejoice. The final score was 28 to 21 on Nov. 2 2012 during the varsity football senior night.

“The last minute was really intense and exciting I wan’t sure whether we were going to take the win,” senior Filiberto Sanchez said.

Senior players wore white long undershirts beneath their jerseys. Color guard senior Corey Snedgen wore an embellished red tie during their halftime performance. Marching Atoms seniors wore white pants and a different jacket then the rest of the marching atoms. During halftime the marching atom seniors and the color guard senior were walked down the field, being escorted by a family member or multiple. The seniors were applauded and thanked for their service to AHS.

“A successful senior night is when the seniors can show all the hard work and dedication they have put in over the months and years they’ve been in the program and to leave behind that kind of example for the underclassmen as they take over,” senior Rashad Cobb said.

The Atoms season is complete with 2 wins to 8 loses.

“They did okay this season they could have done a lot better. They at least get an A for effort,” junior Caroline Edwards said.