Girls basketball hopeful for improvement

With last seasons record of 4-16, the Annandale varsity girls basketball team is preparing for the upcoming season. Their head coach, Pat Hughes, has hopes for improvement for this season.

“We hope to be much better than we were last year, and be in the top three of our division,” coach Hughes said.

Coach Hughes is planning on trying some new drills with the girls this season, which he used in the past while coaching boys basketball.

“We are going to change up the way we practice. We’ll be doing some things I did in the past, and also things I did with the boys in the past,” Hughes said.

Coach Hughes has encouraged the girls to participate in basketball camps and leagues outside of school to sharpen their skills.

“Girls on varsity have most likely played in the past, and lots of girls have attended the green days we hold. I also asked the girls to do an AAU summer league so they work out and play more,” coach Hughes said.

Students that have played in  past seasons recommend that girls trying out for the first time need to take it very seriously.

“You only get a short time to show what you’ve got to the coaches, so you have to try your hardest,”  senior Carly Klima said.

Since few of the girls last season were seniors, the team does not have the disadvantage of trying to replace too many players.

“Since we didn’t lose many girls, we have an advantage because we will only gain players,” senior Carly Klima said.

Since basketball is a team sport, along with the athletic skills needed, students must also possess good people skills and have good team chemistry.

“What they bring to the table as far as attitude and how hard they want to play is also considered,” Hughes said. “I know we will not win every game, and I want the girls to develop a will not to lose.”