Wrestlers starting fresh with new workouts

With 11 wins and 18 losses last season, the Grappling Atoms are preparing for the upcoming season. Head coach Keith Sholders looks to improve their record.

“We are hoping to have a bigger turnout of kids at tryouts this season,” Sholders said.

Sholders is planning on changing the format of practice that the Atoms will hold. They are looking at having a three level format this year.

“We’re trying a three level format practice, with a first year practice, a JV practice and a varsity practice,” Sholders said.

The wrestling coaches are hoping that students trying out for wrestling are doing a fall sport currently, or already finished one. They do not require students to do a fall sport as the wrestling team also holds green days throughout the season.

“We always encourage students to participate in a sport to prepare for wrestling, but if they are not doing one they can always come to the green days we hold,” Sholders said.

Some students trying out for wrestling for the first time prepare for wrestling by doing fall sports such as football. As the sports are very similar in terms of physicality and muscular strength.

“I joined the football team to get in shape and get ready for wrestling season,” freshman Saud Shah said.

Students that did wrestling in past years encourage freshmen to prepare for much dieting and brutal practices.

“I had lose some weight last year for my weight class and the practices were very tough,” sophomore Ryan Flynn said.

Wrestling coaches don’t only look for strength and aggression in the wrestlers, but also character.

“In order to be considered, you must show respect, you must be on time, and you must always work your hardest,” Sholders said. “I am looking forward to the upcoming season.”