Seniors win Powderpuff championship

Leadership hosted their yearly Powderpuff game on Oct. 20. This event is when girls, depending on grades, organize a team and compete against each other.

Just because there are no guys playing doesn’t mean it isn’t ‘real’ football.

“The way they line up, and run plays is very similar to what we do in football, it’s exactly like real football,” senior Gabriel Martino said.  

This year it was the freshman vs. the juniors and then the seniors vs. the sophomores, and the winners would face each other for the championship.

The juniors defeated the freshmen in a defeating blow, the score was 21-7.

The second game was arguably the most exciting out of the whole tournament, it was the game between the seniors and the sophomores. The sophomores had the lead close to the end of the half, but Brooke’s bursted for a 50 yard touchdown run to tie up the game. The seniors ended up stealing the victory 35-28 in overtime.

The championship round was between the juniors and the seniors. Both sides were very confident in their chances to win the match.

“I feel like the seniors are going to win because this is their last year and they’re very motivated,” junior Karen Lara said.

The seniors ended up winning Powderpuff championship game by beating the juniors 28-7. Fans were pleased by this year’s competition and hope that it continues to improve.

“Powderpuff  was organized very well, you can see there is referees and it’s very offical, seems better than last year because all the girls are athletic, and seem to be getting very competitive,” junior Danyom Beyenne said.

It wasn’t just the spectators and the leadership group that felt that the event went well, it was also the players.

“I like Powderpuff this year more than last, because it was organized well and the coaches are as into it as the players,” Jasmine Gosalves said.