Girls XC prepares for conferences

The girls cross country season is starting to go into their first conference run on Oct. 28 at Burke Lake. Having done a really good job at their last meet they are trying to continue that mentality going into the next upcoming race.

“We are trying to get in some more hard workouts so we can be as strong as possible, the workouts are helping by building our endurance and it will make us stronger while running this race,” junior Emily Pope said.

While this game will mean so much for the girls running in it they are trying to stay focused to achieve their goal of doing so, by having the mentality of saying that the girls can do even better than the last race.

“The race affects us because it makes not just one but the whole team to do our very best because it is a conference race and we have really tough competition we are going against and it is the last meet of the season,” Pope said.

Not only do the girls stay focused,  but having fun and eating the right foods and drinking water is a big deal when getting ready for the races.

“The team prepares not only physical wise but we also prepare mentally as well. Having those hard workouts to get ready is a factor, but also we eat pasta and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and get all of our carbs,” freshman, Vitalina Fuentes said.

But having six of their runners injured for the next race is not good news for the runners. Being runners down means that the other will need to work that much harder to win.

“Injuries have taken out most of our team at this point.” junior Sasha Silva said. “I mean if you can’t do hard workouts then you can’t push past the pains that will come to you when running in the conference meet coming up.”