Swim season comes to a close

Seniors pose for senior swim picture against Woodson for their last meet of the season.

Photo courtesy of Ben Padrutt

Seniors pose for senior swim picture against Woodson for their last meet of the season.

The indoor swim and dive season has ended and the team is now preparing to come back next year and do better.

Many swimmers are setting new goals and expectations for their upcoming season.

“We have to step up our speed in races because we will be losing Ashley and Aaron,” sophomore Lennon Wuhrer said. “A lot of the team and the new members are inexperienced so we have to set a good example for them.”

Many of the most experienced and accomplished seniors are graduating, therefore the underlassmen will need to practice even harder to fill the roles.

This means that they have to work harder and follow in the graduating seniors’ footsteps.

“This year we are losing about 20 or so seniors so there are really big roles to be filled,” Wuhrer said.

While the team did not end on the note they wanted to end on, the seniors specifically will miss the season since it is their last meet for their high school swim season.

“I think I’ll miss the energy of everyone,” senior Karmena Werking said. “There was always laughter and a positivity that you never felt like you failed, and you always had more room to improve. Everybody supported everyone and it was nice.”

For these seniors, being on the swim team with the bonding and making new friends was one of the most memorable aspects of high school.

“Every team dinner, every bus ride and every meet had the best vibe anyone can ask for the entire time. We all swam for fun and didn’t worry about winning or losing,” senior Gabe Martino said.  “We all just did our best, and I think that’s what I’m going to miss the most, just being a team and having a good time.”

“I enjoyed the time we spent together as a team. It really made us define the one team one family motto,” senior Franklin Joseph said.

Most of the seniors are leaving on a high note but want to make sure the roles are filled in by the underclassmen, so the seniors gave helpful advice on how to make the team even stronger than this season.

“I would say don’t be so hard on yourself if you are new to the sport. Swimmers can only get better, but you have to start somewhere,” Werking said.

“I hope they can carry on the traditions that Annandale has had for many years like the hair bleaching, team dinners, etc. I just hope they remember to have fun and know that Annandale swim is a great thing,” Martino said.

While most of the swimmers did not start swimming until high school, some people have the coaches and team to appreciate for their time on the swim team.

“I give all my success to the coaches and the team, and I would like to also state that I could not ask for better teammates, they made this season exciting and really awesome, said senior Beau Hatch.

The season was an experience for everyone and the remaining athletes are prepared to come back next year with an improved attitude and skill, while still carrying on their traditions and doing it for the right reasons.