Boys Lacrosse expects improvement

Senior Caleb Britton uses his body to make some room for an open shot at the cage.

Photo courtesy of Caleb Britton

Senior Caleb Britton uses his body to make some room for an open shot at the cage.

The boys lacrosse season is off to a start and the team is ready to rise in the ranks and perform well this season. Like all new teams, they are still getting adjusted to new teammates and the new team dynamic, but the players are hopeful for a successful season.

“We’re off to a very enthusiastic start,” senior Franklin Joseph said. “We’re developing as players and as a team.”

The team has already played two scrimmages this season against Oakton and Fairfax.

The boys struggled at both of the scrimmages and took two losses.

Although the team faced some challenges in the scrimmages, they still have the rest of the season to improve their technique and skill.

“From what I saw at the scrimmage, we need to work more as a team,” senior John Paletti said. “I think there is going to be a long road ahead of us.”

After the results of the scrimmage, the team is ready to fix their mistakes and learn to play as a team before their first game against South County High School on March 22.

In order to do so, the team has been practicing every day in order to be at the top of their game for the rest of the season.

“I think we are somewhat prepared for the game, but there are still some different skills and such we still need to work on,” Paletti said.

One of the skills the team has been struggling with is communication. It is crucial for the team to communicate with each other as well as with their coaches. It is important for the team to function as a whole.

Team communication and awareness has been a challenge for the team because the season has just begun and many of the players are new to the team, and some are fairly new to the sport as well.

Junior Michael Nguyen is optimistic that the team can succeed even though some of the players are somewhat inexperienced.

“We’re doing pretty well for a team that is made up of a bunch of new players,” Nguyen said. “Some of the new guys are just athletes and they picked up the sport pretty well.”

Although the team struggles with communication on the field, the players are a close knit bunch off the field and at practice.

This bond is important to have within the team. It helps the boys understand, encourage and look out for each other.

The team friendship also produces a more fun experience for the team throughout the season.

“No matter what, we encourage each other to do our best,” Joseph said. “We are like brothers.”

The team’s off field communication is great, but it is still important that they work on their communication on the field during their games this season.

Another challenge the team faces is their individual skill. It’s important to be able to play as a team, but personal skill and ability is crucial as well. The scrimmages helped the players understand what skills they need to improve upon.

“One of the biggest challenges we are facing as a team is the lack of stick skills because most of the new players have only been playing for a year,” Paletti said.

Because of these challenges, the coaches have been helping improve the boy’s skills by running them through drills every practice and focusing on certain techniques that the team has been struggling with.

“In order to help us improve, the coaches push us to our full ability and a little more so we keep improving,” Nguyen said.

It is important for the team to have coaches who encourage their players. It is also important that they recognize the areas in which the team needs practice.

Working as a team and improving skills will definitely help lead the team to victory this season.

The team is looking forward to their first game and hope to pull away with a win. Although the season began with a rough start, the boys are hopeful for a successful season ahead.

“The team has potential to be successful this year because we are working hard to fix our mistakes and we always practice our hearts out like we’d play in a game,” Joseph said.