Athletes don’t rest over summer

Eyob Dagnachew, Sports X-tra Editor

Due to the fact school ends soon that also means that all of the school sponsored sports such as lacrosse, track or soccer will also be coming to an end as well.
This does not mean that all Annandale sports will be closed.
There will be an Annandale summer camp for 3rd to 9th graders. That is not to say that some students will find their own way to continue playing sports over the summer.
Summer can be one of the best times to play sports even if there are no teams to play on.
For starters, some people might just forgo the entire process of trying to play sports over the summer and just not do anything over the summer.
While for some this may sound like something they would never do, there are many reasons to why this sounds like the only thing to do.
Over summer break many students might take up summer jobs, go on vacation, go to summer school or do all of them.
To any average student this type of schedule would just not have any time for sports and reluctantly have to drop playing altogether.
For Makonnen Mekonnen going to the gym takes a bigger precedent than playing a sport.
“I feel like going to the gym would be a better use of my time than playing a sport,” Makonnen said
What others might do is join a summer camp. Although Annandale is offering a summer camp over the summer, this excludes a lot of people in Annandale.
While that is the case, there are plenty of other sports summer camps around this area that are open during the summer.
While some people might too busy this summer to play a sport other might have too much time this summer and could take up a summer camp just to keep themselves busy.
Other than that summer camps can offer much more than just not playing a sport because sports camps are much bigger organizations, they can afford to go on trips which could be a good way to spend your summer.
If you have enough time to play sports and you don’t want to be a part of a summer camp, just playing sports with your friends could be just as a good option as any.
Playing sports with friends can much less competitive than summer camps and you’re still playing a sport, so it really is not a waste of time.
Other than those listed, there are more reasons playing with friends can have many more positive effects than playing alone.
Playing with friends means that you can play on your own schedule giving you more flexibility than if you had a summer camp.
Playing sports with your own friends means that you don’t have any responsibilities keeping you away from playing altogether.
If sports don’t sound like something you want to do over the summer, but you still want to be active, there are still many options around this area to help you achieve that goal.
For example, planer fitness has a deal that offers free workouts for kids 15-18 for the entire summer. this is extremely helpful on many levels.
For one since it is free, it is available to many more people which could make it the best option for many people this summer.