Wall of Fame seniors named

Eyob Dagnachew, Sports X-tra Editor

As an Athlete, you understand that competition and being the best is always your top priority. And when you have been playing a sport for four years you don’t want all that time to be for nothing.
The ultimate way to prove it is to be on the Wall of Honor for your class. The Wall of Honor is the main that senior is able to be recognized for all of their athletic achievement through their time here at Annandale. being nominated much less being chosen is no easy task as everyone nominated this year has been in more than one sport.
Being considered for the Wall of Honor means that you have to spend a considerable amount of time and dedication for whatever team you have been a part of and consistently kept that kind of attitude thought all four of your years here at Annandale.
Something that is special about the Wall of Honor is that is doesn’t require you to be very good at one sport but to be very good in at least two to three because as per usual with any competition people will do as much as they can to better position themselves to be chosen.