Redskins Try And Turn Around 0-3 Start

Case Keenum, starting QB for the Redskins.

Case Keenum, starting QB for the Redskins.


The Washington Redskins start start the season 0-3, and last in the NFC East. In a cruel defeat against the Chicago Bears, 31-15, the Redskins are looking for anything to get back into the title race. 

Along with the football team not producing, the fans support is diminishing with every loss. 

”The Redskins continue to upset me and their fan base. I thought this year would be different from the last couple of losing seasons but, I was unfortunately wrong,” Freshman Younis Abdulkadir said.

With this cruel start some fans and NFL analysts are wondering how much time Head Coach Jay Gruden has left with the team.

Starting quarterback Case Keenum did not have his best game last weekend against the Bears. He ends the game with 3 interceptions and got sacked 4 times, but he put up a fight leaving the game with 332 yards and 2 passing touchdowns.

Redskins fans want Head Coach Jay Gruden to put in Dwayne Haskins, who they picked with the 15th pick in the 2018 NFL draft.

“Jay Gruden is making a huge mistake by not starting or even playing Dwayne Haskins, I think if he doesn’t turn this season and win any of the upcoming games, he deserves to get fired,” Freshman Brandon Lam said.

Last Sunday the Redskins took on the New York Giants in an inter-conference game and lost 24-3 and have lost their first four games to start on the 2019-20 season.