Swim and dive team gets ready to hit the water

As the temperature drops and layers of clothes increase, it is evident that the seasons are changing, not only with the weather but also with the sports here.

Winter sports are beginning to start, and the swim and dive team are just waiting to hit the water and get the season started.

On Dec. 6, the swim and dive team have their first meet at Mount Vernon Rec Center where they will take on the T.C. Williams Titans.

“I am really excited for the swim season to start,” freshman Chelsi Lilli said. “It’s my first time playing a high school sport, so I’m a little nervous as well. I’m looking forward to making new friends and hopefully creating bonds with people that can last throughout high school.”

The team will continue to practice daily in hopes that they will improve a lot as the season goes on. In practice, some teams implement a drag system in which the swimmer will wear heavier clothes to make them work harder and put forth the extra effort.

“I just want to improve on my swimming, but I especially want to improve on my backstroke because, in my opinion, that’s my worst stroke,” Emma Findler said. “I have been looking forward to swimming season since the beginning of school so I’m pretty excited for the season to start.”

The swim and dive team are looking to improve on last year after both the girls and the boys went 1-6 during the regular season.

Although the swim season didn’t go how the coaching staff and the swimmers wanted it to, many swimmers improved during the season and reached their personal goals.

The girls finished the Gunston District Championship coming in fourth place out of five teams with a score of 304. The boys finished the tournament last with a score of 224, coming close to Mt. Vernon, who scored 232.

For this new season, the swim and dive team will need to train hard in practices if they hope to win this year in the very competitive Gunston District.

The team has seven meets, including two tri meets before they will compete in distract finals on Jan. 31, where they will face multiple different high schools.

The team continues to work hard and continue to get better every day.