Lady Atoms struggle to find hope in regionals

The Lady Atoms have had a very rough season as they ended the long winter season with a record of, 1-21.
On Feb.14, the Lady Atoms fell in the Gunston District quarterfinals to the, 6-16 Mount Vernon Majors, by a score of 37-25. With the loss, it now officially ends their chance at a district title.
The Lady Atoms have worked all season on improving on their basketball skills and knowledge, through it all they have only won one game but they worked as a team and they know they did their best.
During the long winter sports season, the Lady Atoms girls have dedicated so much of their time and put forth so much effort into their basketball season.
They have stayed after school every day and practiced for two hours at a time all while balancing time with family, friends, grades, homework, school and for some extracurriculars.
“We struggled this season to find our balance on both ends of the court,” Fawn Tucker said. “However we continue to show resilience and as a coach, that’s something you must always be grateful for.”
Taking away from family and relaxation time, during winter break the Lady Atoms girls went out and practiced multiple times with the team to improve not only as individuals but also as a team.
“This season has been rough for us but we have tried our best to keep playing as hard as we can even if we are playing a better team,” freshman Amanda Salisbury said. “If we can improve on finishing and getting the little things right we will be a much better team next year.”
But not everything this year has been bad for the Lady Atoms as everybody on the team has gotten better in multiple categories, not just with basketball.
“We have improved on working better as a team which has led to us staying connected on the court better,” Salisbury said.
Head Coach Fawn Tucker shared a similar perspective on the Lady Atoms season as well.
“Our team has grown not only as basketball players but also as young ladies,” Tucker said. “Going through a tough season will either make you or break you, and this season has certainly made the Lady Atoms tougher competitors on and off the basketball court.”
For the seniors, this was their last year of eligibility for high school basketball, so the closure of winter sports also brings around a wave of sadness for those girls.
Now that the 2019/20 girls basketball season is over many of the athletes are now transitioning to spring sports, but now with all, they’ve learned from the season and everything it had to offer.