The Washington Football Team’s continuous struggles

A lot has changed in the world this year, but one thing stayed the same, the continuous struggles of the newly named Washington Football Team. As they are currently tied for second place in the NFC East, the widely known worst division in the NFL, with a record of 2-5.

Washington Football fans were thinking this year might be different, as they hired a new head coach, Ron Rivera, and changed their name hoping to leave their many losing and unimpressive previous seasons behind them. On Sept. 13, the Washington Football Team won their first game of the season leaving their fans hopeful. But their winning was very short lived as they have lost five straight games since then. Last week there was a glimpse of hope when the Washington Football Team beat one of their division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, 25-3.

“I think we’ll go pretty far this year, maybe ending with a record of 6-11”, sophomore Jaelin Boutah said. “I would say it’s hard to be a Washington Football fan but honestly since it’s like this every season i’m just so used to it at this point. I was very shocked when Washington beat the Cowboys. I really thought the Cowboys were going to win, but when Dallas’ quarterback, Andy Dalton, got hurt I then thought that Washington could actually win it.”

The win against Dallas was big for Washington because Dallas and Washington are neck and neck for being first in the NFC East. This Would grant them a playoff spot. The last time they were in the playoffs was the 2015 wildcard game against the Green Bay Packers where they lost 35-18. When teams are in such a close race for division supremacy every win, especially a win against a team in your division counts.

“The rest of the season will be terrible”, Sophomore Peiro Vernazza-Cortez said. “Honestly, it’s been very tuff to be a redskins fan for the past 5 years of my life. In my opinion the game against the Cowboys means nothing, both teams played bad, Washington just played a little less bad.”

With Washington’s win against the Cowboys in week 7, it sends them into week 8 with a bye. Their next game will be on Nov. 8 against the promising New York Giants.