Lacrosse green days bring excitement


Atoms Lacrosse competed in the Oakton Turkey Shootout on Dec. 5 at the end of the green day season, showcasing the hard work put in over the course of the fall.

Lacrosse green days wrapped up this past week, ending the Atoms preparation for the 2022 season.
Workouts were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Workouts consisted of a wide variety of drills, from the basic fundamentals of passing and catching to advanced shot making.
“Connecting on multiple passes can really work to our offensive advantage and tire out a defense, so making sure we can possess the ball with simple passes and catches can make life difficult on defenses,” assistant coach Robert Stevens said.
AHS held shooting drills from different spots all over the field, practicing bounce and overhand shots and changing the levels of the shot while on the run.
Other things emphasized at green days were scooping up ground balls at game speed and offensive dodges (face, splits, rolls) to shake the defender.
“Specifically for me and my game, I am trying to focus on my left hand strength and shots,” junior Connor Lape said. “It’s important for lacrosse players to be balanced so drills at the gym and green days have helped me improve.”
Players are also emphasizing their play as a unit and game situations to prepare for 2022.
“Green days help remove the cobwebs but we could use them to start practicing our real game formations so that new players and returners could get a grasp of in-game experience,” senior captain Alex Silva said.
The Atoms struggled in 2021, with the losses of seniors and Covid-19 restrictions preventing the team from reaching their maximum potential. With a new district and all players fully vaccinated, the team is looking to turn a corner.
“My goals for the season are to add more structure to the way we play and become more efficient as a team,” Silva said.
AHS has bonded and grown their chemistry over the course of the offseason and green days, the team’s ability to come together will ultimately play an essential role in their success this upcoming season.