Field hockey wins district championship


The Atoms Field Hockey team holds the district title banner after defeated the Justice Wolves on Oct. 19.

The Atoms varsity field hockey team defeated the Justice Wolves by a final score of 2-0 on Oct. 19 to win the district championship.
AHS jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, they controlled the ball for the majority of the game clock and leaned on their veterans to close out the championship.
AHS has had a remarkable season. They have gone undefeated in conference play, defeating Justice, Edison, Falls Church, Mt. Vernon, and Lewis, handedly, leading to a 6-0 conference record.. They entered the district tournament as the #1 seed, and they continued their success in their semifinal game against Mt. Vernon.
The Atoms and the Majors played in a scoreless tie for the entire duration of game time, and headed into overtime for the second time this season with the Majors.
During overtime, a player for Mt. Vernon acquired a penalty, and the Atoms played a man-up until they scored the winning goal which sent them to the district championship.
This was the first season for AHS under new head coach Corin Uviedo. Coach Uviedo helped the Atoms regain a new intensity and focus that stuck with the players for the entire season.
“I think our new coach really helped us build a new mentality this year. She changed the way we practice and our mindset towards games, allowing us to work harder and go into games with more confidence,” senior Correne Bellem said.
This was the first season for the Atoms without longtime coach Cindy Hook. Coach Hook famously led the Atoms for over a decade, and her presence is still felt in the girls today.
Coach Uviedo has been able to build on Coach Hook’s message, she has emphasized conditioning and pushing her players so that they can perform at their highest level consistently. In previous years, the Atoms have struggled to put it all together, this year, they have, and that showed in their performance throughout the season.
“I think our team made huge improvements before the start of the season on everything from conditioning and stick skills to mindset and work ethic.” Said Senior Correne Bellem.
Beyond the coaches, the players have developed into leaders and a group with a focused approach to winning. The main goal since August has been to win the district championship, and that has been reflected in the work they have put in.
“We had a positive mindset and gave 100% in every practice. These actions are reflected in the games,” senior Sophia Williams said.
Moving forward, the Atoms will face the Robinson Rams at home on Oct. 27 in the regional quarterfinals as they look to extend their magical season.