Track out to fast start


Miles Langham a varsity track runner, running an event for winter track

As track starts their winter season, many new faces are on the team. Coaches and runners are excited to see this season unfold in the hopes of having an even stronger team.
Last winter season ended great, several athletes ended with personal records which is the main goal for track runners as they are not just competing against others but competing with themselves.
“I think track is one of the best sports teams, I think this year track has gotten more new and returning runners, the team will have some new potential to be better and hopefully win more,” sophomore Jaden Banos said.
With many new freshmen trying out track in high school, the winter track team is very young which is a great asset for the future.
“I am very excited for the future of our team this season, I and many of my teammates have been working hard this off season. Excited to see what we can do.” senior Miles Lanham said.
Lanham is the state champion long distance jumper, and he is the captain and leader of the team for the upcoming season.
Track is not just a team sport but an individual sport. You don’t just want to be faster than the person next to you, you want to be faster than you were in the last race.
“I did get personal records, I got them by going through hard conditioning and practicing every day,” sophomore Daniel Webshet said.
Coaches carefully track the runners progress so they can help them get to the next level.
“Last season we saw many people make improvements, returning to everyday practices last winter season for the first time since after Covid which really proved a big difference,” Lanham said.
All the runners were excited for the first winter practice on Nov. 14. “I would definitely say it’s stronger in practice today. I saw some very promising freshmen,” sophomore Alex Ing said.
The track coaches were eager to get a start on the season in preparation for the meets which are in the upcoming weeks. Coaches have been working very hard to put this team together and want to start this season on the right foot. “We have more speed than I thought.” Said coach Harris. With returning players having done great conditioning.
The coaches are working even harder to make sure these kids have an opportunity to run in meets that are set to begin on Dec. 4.
The Atoms first meet will be held at Thomas Jefferson high school at 11 a.m., a perfect opportunity for the Atoms to get started on the right foot.