Valentino’s Pizzeria Review


From the time you enter the door to this classic New York style pizzeria, your senses are overwhelmed with the aroma of freshly baked pizza, garlic, and parmesan cheese. Hunger begins to encroach and mouths start to water. Within minutes, the craving for a thin slice of heaven is inevitable. Forget about leaving Valentino’s without a full stomach – it’s impossible.

Valentino’s is a small, inconspicuous place located at 4813 Beauregard Street in Alexandria, just minutes away from AHS. If you are craving a simple slice of cheese pizza, or a hearty pizza entree, Valentino’s is the place to go.

Their vast menu, ranging from garlicky, cheesy pasta dinners, to calzones, to salads, all the way to gourmet pizzas, provides a suitable option for anyone who wants Italian food.

The inside of Valentino’s was recently renovated and now features modern tiling and granite table tops, as well as city-inspired décor. It provides a casual, yet upgraded environment to eat, which is nice considering some people go to Valentino’s for more elegant events such as date nights or the classic “pre-Homecoming pizza.”

Most of their friendly staff is related, as their pizzeria has been in their Italian family for generations. The service is always fast and their pizzas are always fresh.

Valentino’s pizza can be ordered by the slice, or whole; whichever you decide, the slices are sure to be larger than your plate. A large, 20” pizza feeds a family of five for $15.95, and all their generous entrees range anywhere from $4 to $16 dollars. The perfect price range for students on a budget.

Finally, let’s not forget about dessert. Valentino’s serves up cannolis, cheesecake, tiramisu and chocolate cake, among others.

We would highly recommend you try out Valentino’s soon, though go quick because the restaurant fills up pretty quick on the weekends.