Would closing stores on Thanksgiving be a good idea? – No


Most people believe that on Thanksgiving, families meet to feast on turkey, watch football, and most importantly be thankful. It is expected to be tradition to celebrate, but for many, the holiday is an annoyance.

Not a lot of people want to invite back relatives who have unnecessarily criticized them and enjoy a great meal to celebrate practically nothing. Instead of doing the traditional Thanksgiving celebration, they go do some early Black Friday shopping.

Shopping on Thanksgiving can be how families spend their quality time together or it could just mean people want to get ahead on the Black Friday sales.

Lots of stores like to start their sales early which is helpful for people who don’t want to get stuck in the chaos of other shoppers.

“I would prefer to go shopping on Thanksgiving rather than Black Friday because the shops are less crowded and it gives me the chance to buy all the things I want before they sell out,” junior Melanie Reyes said.

People can meet up with their family and be thankful any day of the year. Customers are everywhere on this day and stores being closed would be a bad idea.