Halloween Haunt horrifies high school students


Haunted houses, corn mazes, spooky scare zones and roller coasters. What more could you need to make this years Halloween just a little different?

Every year in October, Kings Dominion comes to life at night with their Halloween Haunt. The park is packed with hundreds of people looking for something a little spooky to get their adrenaline pumping.
During the day, all the rides are fully operational and the park is adorned with fall-themed decor. But, as night falls, the spooky scary skeletons come out to play.

Zombies, clowns and lots of other monsters descend upon the park and scare visitors as they make their way to the different themed scare zones.

“My friends and I were walking out of Chick-fil-A and we saw a whole bunch of people running,” said sophomore Jessica Brennan “We were wondering what was going on, and then we saw the monsters.”
The characters can roam around their designated sections in the park and scare you in any way possible, but cant touch you.

“Later in the night it was really scary walking through the park because there was a lot of fog so you couldn’t see them and they would start following you or jump at you,” Brennan said.

You can choose to walk through the park’s six themed scare zones and mazes or, if you’re not a fan of getting scared, you can hop in line for a roller coaster.

Some of the most popular rides at the park are the Intimidator 305 and the Dominator. Like the rest of the rides in the park, both the Intimidator and the Dominator are open throughout the night and are two of the biggest and quickest roller coasters in the park.

“I enjoyed the nighttime more. I’m not a huge fan of rollercoasters but at night there’s stuff that people who don’t like rollercoasters can do, like go to a haunted house, so it was perfect for me” she said.

Aside from creepy mazes, scare zones and roller coasters, there are live shows with music and dancing that kick off the beginning of the night and continue until the park closes at midnight.

This year’s theme is masquerade, with the show being based on 17th century France and the life (mainly the gruesome end) of Marie Antoinette. The stage where the shows are performed is located by the entrance to the park and is a part of the masquerade scare zone.

If you’re looking for a fun, frightening place to go in October, Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion is a great option.
There are activities for people of all ages to enjoy and lots of things to you occupied.

The park is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from Sep. 21 to Nov. 2. The electrifying rides and bone-chilling attractions won’t disappoint.